Tantramassage Team Naomi

Standort: Essen 

Die nächsten Terminmöglichkeiten:
19. April - 3. Mai 2019 in Essen

“Life is love. To be alive is to allow the power of love. My goal is to allow love to be present in every moment. The essence of being connected is to be in the here and now. I will create a safe space for you to feel connected to the power of life. ”


•     Classic Full Body Massage: Course and Training at Merav,
       School of Holistic Medicine Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel (2001)
•     Bach Flower Remedies in Therapy at School of Spiritual Practices, Bet Yanay, Israel (2008)
•     Mantak Chia's Meditative Formulas: Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile,
       Cultivating Female Sexual Energy - Self Study and Self Daily Practice (2013-2014)
•     Leading Workshops for Women: Practices for Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
       - I led and coached women into invoking awareness of Chi Energy and into
       learning to strengthen it's flow in the body according to teachings
       of Mantak Chia (2013-2014)
•     Group Dynamics - Social Work Faculty, Tel Aviv University, Israel (2014)
•     Various Workshops in Non Violent Communication, Israel and Portugal (2014-2018)
•     Tantra Massage Training and Coaching at Aresha, Dusseldorf (2017)

I also participated in many other seminars about Love and Sexuality which took place in a large intentional community where I am living since 2015. In this community all aspects of human life are re-constructed in order to align them with basic values of trust and cooperation. Special emphasis is given to speaking truth as a base for trust to arise. The idea is that our view on Love and Sexuality shapes individual behavior and societal structures. The community seminars particularly reveal human patterns in search for fulfillment in the areas of love and sexuality. Therefore, community life is a constant education path about the state of the human heart in our times.